These General Terms apply to all guests visiting Vök Baths (Vök Baths ehf registered at Urriðavatn, 701 Egilsstaðir, Iceland).


Prices displayed on our website are subject to changes. Vök Baths reserves the right to change prices without notice. Prices include VAT and service fees.
Purchases made through our website require full payment at the time of purchase with a valid credit card.
You will receive your ticket via email, which contains a code that will be scanned by a staff member on your arrival. Should you not receive an email including your ticket we advise you to contact Vök Baths at hello@vokbaths.is.
The ticket can either be printed or stored on your phone or device. Vök Baths reserves rights to request identification of the ticket holder before entering the baths with a valid identity card.
The ticket is only to be used at the time and date stated on the ticket, by the receiver and is not to be resold or traded in any form. Amendments and cancellations for bookings must be presented via email to hello@vokbaths.is. Vök Baths cannot guarantee requests for amendments beforehand. Cancellation charges are as follows: cancellation made with more than 72 hours, notice: 100 % is refunded. – Cancellation made with 24-72 hours’ notice: 50 % is refunded. – Cancellation made with less than 24 hours, notice: No refund. Vök Baths reserves the right to change or cancel all bookings in accordance with operating requirements or circumstances beyond its control. ln such an event you will be entitled to a full refund of your ticket.
By using our services, you agree that any claim, action or lawsuit arising out of these terms and conditions and/or the services purchased, shall be interpreted and governed in conformity with Icelandic law. Both parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction and competence of the courts of Iceland.


When entering our facilities, guests assume full responsibility for their own safety and the safety of the children in their care. Vök Baths disclaims responsibility for any loss, damage, accidents, sickness, or changes in schedule caused by weather, strikes, or any other irregularity outside the company’s control and for expenses due to any of these reasons. All such losses and expenses are the personal liability of the guest. Vök Baths disclaims responsibility for any guest´s valuables that might get stolen, lost or damaged during the visit.
We advise all our guests to have valid travel insurance. Your safety is our highest priority. To ensure your safety and to make your visit as enjoyable as possible, we ask you to pay special attention to the following:
– lf you suffer from any medical conditions, Vök Baths advises you to get prior medical consultation and permission from your doctor before entering our facilities. Inform staff about any medical conditions that might affect your safety in the pools.
– lf you cannot swim, it is critical that you inform our staff.
– Guests must wash without a swimsuit before entering the pools.
– Diving and snorkeling are prohibited.
– lt is recommended that guests take regular breaks (5-minute intervals) from the pools and sauna.
– Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.
– Please be aware that floors and walkways may be slippery and/or wet. Exercise caution when walking in wet areas and on stairs. Do not run. Hold on to handrails where available. please help us keep areas dry where applicable.
– No glass is allowed.
– Smoking and usage of other nicotine products, including e-cigarettes and nicotine pouches is prohibited in the pools and on the premises of Vök Baths. Offenders may be fined up to 250.000 ISK.
– Vök Baths is not responsible for valuables. Guests are solely responsible for their own belongings.
– For safety reasons, we reserve the right to refuse/withdraw access to anyone who arrives intoxicated or wants to enter/remain in the pools intoxicated. The determination of whether an individual is intoxicated is solely at our discretion.
– Walk on designated walking paths.
– Always comply to instructions from our staff. Lack of compliance or inappropriate behavior can result in immediate expulsion from Vök Baths.
There is no minimum age for entering the pools. All children up to 16 years of age must always be accompanied and in the care of an adult guardian during their visit. A maximum of two children may be accompanied by one guardian, unless the guardian is their parent or legal guardian. Inflatable armbands or floaties are recommended to all children. The floaties are not considered a life-saving device and therefore do not replace continuous adult supervision of children.

3. Annual passes

Annual passes are linked to the holder’s social security number and are non-transferable. Valid for one year from the date of purchase, these passes have unlimited usage during that period. However, if Vök Baths anticipates full bookings due to reservation arrangements, priority may be given to other guests.

If Vök Baths discovers, through random checks, that a pass holder is sharing access details, whether through self-service or other means, Vök Baths reserves the right to cancel the annual pass.

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